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Are Flickr and YouTube really good for training and education or are they just filling a need where eLearning has failed?

Flickr and Youtube are good media sharing technologies, however pictures and videos do not define the art of teaching. Also, in addition to the fact that Flikr and Youtube are blocked at most schools and corporations, they do not provide a sound learning environment based on instructional system design or appropriate content for learning.

Students today learn through many mediums such as the teacher, books, internet, videos, music, PowerPoint, digital photos, etc. So the issue has become not “what” but “how” can teachers and students easily combine and utilize all of these media assets in the classroom and online.

I have spent the last six years with organizations and public schools trying to solve this issue. The result is a technology that allows students and teachers in the classroom to quickly and easily mash (stitch) all media types into web presentations and interactive videos. This technology is called Scate Ignite and works directly with the web service

Many public school districts are continuing to incorporated this new technology into their computer labs and media centers. For example Waldon Middle School in Lake Orion Mi. is using this new technology to create book reports, science projects, and even recipes in cooking class.

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Brings Software, Web, Graphics, Video, Web Marketing and eLearning Ideas to Life!

(Orion, MI – March 12, 2009) Scate Technologies, Inc. (Scate) has announced that it has expanded its custom desktop software and web application development division. The group offers a wide array of services that can build projects from the ground up, or help to finish projects already under way.

The Michigan-based development team possesses strong expertise in Web 2.0 social media technology, desktop multi-media applications, e-commerce, eLearning and many others. Scate-developed applications are currently deployed globally in industries such as Sports and Entertainment, Social Media Networking, Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality, Education and Knowledge, Human Resources, Marketing, Medical and more. Visit for a complete list of projects and customers including links to production applications.

“Our expertise is highly valued by our current customers, and we have a strong, mature portfolio of products, staff and infrastructure that are all well equipped to support new projects.” said Stephen Sadler, Scate CEO and President. “This offers us a fantastic opportunity to extend our expertise to additional customers who wish to work with an experienced global development company based right here in southeast Michigan” he added.

Scate provides complete development teams to design, develop and project manage the build of your software or media technology. Scate has been developing desktop, web, mobile and client / server applications for corporations and the commercial market since 2001, and has extensive development capabilities in the following areas:

Windows / Mac OS / Linux / Mobile applications, web applications, project management and online tracking/collaboration, user interface design and process storyboarding, logic and programming, testing, quality control and bug tracking, graphic design and video production, 3D modeling and animation, voice narration and podcasting, web marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), eLearning – instructional system design as well as global patent and trademark consulting.

Examples of Scate’s work, contact information and customer lists can be found at

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