If knowledge is rapidly changing in today’s disposable world, then do we need better methods of learning that are both instructional and cost effective?

April 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

During the last eight years my company (Scate) conducted extensive research and testing on many types of corporate training systems and tools. Scate found that the problem with these systems is not instruction, but the speed to delivery of new and changing content.

In many cases, the corporate training departments we studied were not providing a return on investment and in many cases were not even completing training projects on time or under budget.

As many of you already know, corporate training is first thing to be slashed during hard times. So Scate’s goal has been to find or build something truly revolutionary, that would not only provide solid instructional design, but also allow our clients to stay in business. Scate Ignite and IgniteCAST.com are part of that long term vision.

There are many decent learning systems, but in my humble opinion many are bloated and definitely not geared towards speed to delivery. I see many systems actually getting more complex and feature rich, thus forcing students to learn the system when the focus should be on the content.

I keep remembering what an old teacher once said to me “you achieve elegance in design when there is no more to be removed!”.

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