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Exposure to Closure - by Stephen Sadler

Exposure to Closure - by Stephen Sadler

Exposure To Closure

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The New Age of Hi-Tech Business & Marketing by the CEO of Scate

Learn valuable business tips through this wild ride of entrepreneurship, faith, technology, sales and the rise of social media marketing.

Social media marketing, pay per click, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, search engine optimization…what does it all mean and why should you even care?

We all know that the economic meltdown of 2009 was tough to deal with for everyone. Even the seemingly invincible banking and insurance sector was almost brought to its knees. What was also interesting and not so highly publicized was how the recession also affected the marketing sector.

Many large marketing firms, especially here in the Detroit Metropolitan area are now gone. It’s not very often you see large marketing firms just close up shop, especially when marketing is so important to gaining exposure for new products and services.
Global competition is tough, so is it possible that these companies could no longer afford expensive multi-million dollar marketing and ad campaigns? What about smaller companies, can they even afford to pop $10-25k on traditional marketing techniques every year?

So what if expensive old school marketing is partly responsible for the continued recession due to our inability to cost-effectively compete?

As with everything problematic, necessity is the mother of invention and on the forefront of our recovery is Social Media Marketing.

Living in Michigan for the last 15 years, I know many people that have been laid off and are starting new businesses. So I wanted to help by giving new entrepreneurs a few tips and tools to help them succeed in today’s rapidly changing hi-tech world.

I was always fascinated by how Jesus taught through real life stories called parables. I wrote this book in story format so you will experience firsthand how my wife and I started a business, and successfully and cost-effectively marketed a product even in the most trying of times. The story starts back in 1983 and includes the 2003 inception and growth of Scate Technologies, Inc., the launch and continued success of Scate’s popular social media technology Scate Ignite,, and

I hope you enjoy it.


What are people saying about the book?

“Entertaining, smart and spiritual, just a must read!” Herman Moore CEO & All-Pro NFL Wide Receiver.

“Everything entrepreneurs need to know to succeed right  NOW! Stephen Sadler’s story will help you to create enough success so you will write your own.” Terry Bean Author, CEO,  & Professional Speaker

“A great blend of technical knowledge, faith, and marketing, love the parable format.” Jeffrey Holth CTO & Professional Speaker

Inspiring and full of real life examples of how to run a successful business.” Daniel Rea Serial Entrepreneur & Successful Business Owner

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    Well done, Steve! How refreshing to hear from someone who really gets it! Can’t wait to hear more from you. See you on the speaking circuit! -Michael, MichaelAngeloCaruso dot com

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