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This is not a political statement nor am I showing support for any party. I really don’t care what party you belong to; let’s just start using our heads.

As you can see from my bio, I was born in Nottingham England, raised in Ontario, Canada and became a US citizen in 2006. My experience of living in different countries has provided me with a significant insight to what types of governments create success.

Some of you that have never lived in these places might say, “Well Canada and England are not much different than the US”. Well, this is where you would be mistaken! Even though I love both countries and their people, the United States is still the Land of Opportunity.

Shortly after I moved to the US, my wife and I took the opportunity to start our own business. In less than five years we turned a profit and created a successful firm.

You see fellow Americans opportunity provides freedom by empowering us with continuous and abundant chances to succeed. All we have to do is open our eyes and get busy with talents that God gave us. Free market, competition and entrepreneurship is what breeds success, and has proven many times to solve the most difficult problems.

Socialized services and governmental assistance will not provide you with freedom and security. Just look at all the countries on this planet that are controlled by the government. Would you move to Russia? How about China? If you answered no, then its time to stop pushing the United States down the same path of Socialism. Remember, socialism is only one step from Marxism, Communism and Dictatorship and we all know where that ends.

So keep the faith, think logically and America will continue to be YOUR Land of Opportunity!