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If you read my previous blog about eLearning, then you already know that I have been creating software tools for knowledge capture and sharing (i.e. SCATE Ignite) for over 15 years. Once a college adjunct professor and the Director of Engineering for a large automotive supplier, I have always been amazed by the disconnect between college education, formal corporate training, and on the job knowledge sharing.

All three of these approaches are required to produce the best employees, but unfortunately, due to our culture of empire building, bridging the gap between these elements has been quite difficult.

In addition to running a company I also coach team sports.  So let’s for a minute compare a company to an athletic team (i.e. football or my favorite ice hockey). To build a strong team, a coach must first find highly trained athletes that possess the fundemental skills. This is like hiring gradutes from college with good grades. Then these players are trained within a system, similar to learning a business process within a company. Finally they are expected to perform as a collective unit, passing (sharing), scoring (completing tasks) and finally winning (closing).

Unfortunately, many companies especially in the US do not run in this manner. It seems that we try to hire the best from college, train them on the business processes and then provide an environment where they build their own little empire. In many cases employees are afraid to share their knowledge with others due to the insecurity of losing their job. I have worked within many environments where one department would not provide adequate information to others just for the sake of losing control. This will kill a company’s efficiency and productivity.

Let me ask you this, how many athletes that don’t pass the ball or puck make the pros? This is simple..NONE. Successful teams do not often win on the shoulders of one person. It requires working together for the collective success of the team.

So if a business is exactly the same as a team, then how do we get people within a company to work together and share knowledge?

Well first you need to change the company mindset. This needs to be mandated from the top, just like the Coach of any team. If the Coach doesn’t push the issue of passing (sharing) the ball (knowledge and information) then the players (employees) will not respond in a coordinated team effort.

Secondly, once mandated, a company needs a process and system where employees can easily share knowledge. Wiki’s and Learning Management system’s (LMS) are good, however, with the emergence of social networking technology like the knowledge and media sharing sites,, the industry is raising the bar.

Finally companies need to recognize and reward employees that make conscious effort to contribute and share their knowledge.

Funny concept..rewarding people for working together, instead of just for their individual accomplishments!

I welcome your comments.

Steve Sadler
SCATE Tecnhologies, Inc.

Welcome to my Blog. My name is Steve Sadler and I am the President / CEO of SCATE Technologies, Inc. (SCATE). SCATE is a privately owned and funded commercial software development company that was founded in 2002 and incorporated back in April 2003.

Since the company’s conception, our talented staff has been busy researching, inventing, development and patenting a variety of technologies that have successfully penetrated and crossed multiple markets.

During SCATE’s first four years of business, our team created and launched five (5) revolutionary software applications in areas of eLearning, Media Creation and Sharing, Engineering Analysis, and Staffing. Each technology was created to be a standalone business silo, complete with its own focused business and marketing plan, IT infrastructure, IP patents, and various trade/service marks.

To date many of these applications have been adopted as a standard by such companies as GM, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, Coca-Cola, BlueCross/BlueShield, McKesson Pharmaceutical, Honeywell, Quicken Loans, RL Polk and thousands of others.

Now that we are into our sixth year of business, it is truly amazing to me that this was all achieved without external investment or producing any form of long term debt. In addition to that, SCATE made a profit in 2007 while many other companies were struggling and in some cases filing for bankruptcy.

I contribute our success to faith in God, hard work, patience, perseverance, focus and the blessing of a great team of like minded individuals.

Most of us know that building a business is tough, but building a business in today’s extremely crowded and competitive market requires a different breed of entrepreneur. This new type of person cannot survive long term without the attributes I described above.

I would like to hear of your business success stories or answer questions on how to build a successful business.


Steve Sadler
SCATE Technologies, Inc.